So, what’s the purpose of your Life?

A few weeks back, when some of us were at work on a Saturday, I popped out this question – What’s the purpose of your life? And after that, I asked this very same question, to a few more.

You know what, when this question is asked – people go blank, and it actually initiates a thought process in people. But this thought is just for a while (a very short time) and then all are back in the same set of activities which were running.

Now, ask yourself this question – what’s the purpose of Your Life?

As for most of us, we are yet to find the larger purpose of our life even at 30, 40, 50 or even beyond.

But each one of us surely has an immediate purpose / a goal that keeps changing. And this is more about us. It could be getting a new job, making more money, buying that house, completing targets, wanting to earn more, buying that car, making name and fame etc., which are largely the individual purposes. And for a large set of people, through out life – the purpose is survival, finding the means to live – food, clothing and shelter.

The larger purpose is more beyond the self, for the self.

But, Do we really need a purpose of Life? Can we not live without it? Well…As long as you feel you are happy and contented, it really doesn’t matter if you really have any purpose of life. We all have one life in all awareness, no one knows what happens after this life. So, it is all the more important to live life to the fullest, be happy, be contented, and actually feel that you have lived a life of no regrets.

Life in my view is all about experiences, feelings, actions, results. Karma is what defines us, defines life and that is cyclical in nature.

Actions lead to results which lead to feelings, feelings make you to take actions and the circle continues.

If you ask me what purpose of my life is – I want to be happy, with a happy family, keep doing something good for society, keep spreading happiness through music, thru my project drumminghappiness, and it actually makes me feel good, takes me to a high. Especially when you see smiles on faces in drum circles, be it the 83 old lady beating the drums like a kid, or that uncle forgetting himself playing drums, or that 9 year old kid at stage 3, yes it is more about experiences and feelings. It is again linked to our actions.

May be for the same question, my purpose was different about 3-4 years back, it was more of closing the home loan, a few years prior to that may be seeking a better paying job, or survival in the rat race.

It is all about – what makes that difference for you and others. What is it you are contributing? How you can be useful to others and community at large. It’s not a huge activity you should do. It can be the simplest of the deeds that can be useful to others.

There are lot of causes around us which may strike a chord with you. You may want to take up a cause – that can lead you to a larger purpose of life.

Keep exploring the larger purpose of your life, share your thoughts in the comments…

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